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Accomplishments of Focus:

In his first term, Mayor Kokoros has had a series of major accomplishments for Braintree:


  • Built first new school in over 50 years

  • Installing four new roofs at our elementary schools 

  • Combined facilities making major repairs to our schools

  • Invested over $1 million in school safety projects

  • Reduced class sizes at elementary schools

Public Safety:

  • Renovating the Fire Department Headquarters

  • Establishing a regional Police and Fire dispatch center 

  • Implemented traffic division

  • Acquired police boat with grant funds


  • Converting the old Foster School into a Veterans Center

  • Provided reserved “Veteran Parking” at Town Hall

  • Started the banner program to honor our veterans throughout town

  • Increased disabled veterans tax relief by 20%

  • Implemented a property tax exemption for Gold Star Families

Parks and Recreation:

  • Renovated and added pickleball courts behind Daughraty Gym

  • Renovated the Daughraty Gym

  • Rebuilding and Expanding Delorey Field

  • Renovated outdoor basketball courts

  • Building a street hockey rinkvv


  • Provided COVID vaccines to our seniors at Town Hall

  • Restored programs at elder affairs after COVID restrictions were lifted

  • Increased the senior tax break by 20%


  • Building new regional water treatment plant

  • Installing a riverwalk on Middle Street

  • Removal of the Armstrong Dam and adding a river walk

  • Protected Watson Park from climate change and erosion

Economic Development:

  • Proposed Banner Park redevelopment to a movie studio complex

  • Integra Life Sciences moved headquarters to Braintree

  • Watson Place redevelopment at the former B.E.L.D. site

  • Launched first Master Planning process for Braintree in 25 years

Public Health:

  • Successfully planned a vaccine rollout to thousands of Braintree seniors

  • Distributed weekly meals to those in need

  • Successfully distributed PPE to responders during COVID pandemic

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